The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box combines our innovative Solar Assisted Heat Pump technology with an A rated, KIWA approved stainless steel cylinder to create our first ever thermodynamic cylinder.


The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box is the all in one solution to your hot water heating requirements. Enabling us to offer a complete range of Solar Assisted Heat Pumps, with either our 130L, 200L & 300L indirect, unvented cylinder, suitable for every installation. This hot water heating and storage system has been MCS accredited and utilises our already proven technologies.


Relying on the same thermodynamic principles as our existing Solar Assisted Heat Pump range, the Big Magic Thermodynamic Box transfers this energy to water within its casing, to efficiently and cost effectively handle the water heating for use in your home.


Over the past two years we have been involved with the creation of the MCS approved, Solar Assisted Heat Pump standard, which means that the technology is recognised as a government approved standard.


In late 2015 we were proud to announce that the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box IV became the world’s first retro fit MCS approved Solar Assisted Heat Pump, with our range of Big Magic Thermodynamic Boxes becoming approved during 2016.


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