How They Work

Our way to describe a Heat Pump is to look upon it as a ‘Renewable Boiler’ that transfers Energy (Heat) from the outside Air/Ground to inside and the water that flows around your Radiators or Underfloor Heating.

A common example of this can be found within your Fridge Freezer where the evaporation and cooling of a liquid is used to lower the temperature to keep the contents cool. Nowadays, this technology can also be used to extract the Energy in the air outside, or even from the ground, feeding it directly into your home where it is compressed and the heat transferred to the Heating System and Hot Water Tanks. It sounds like magic but the science behind it is relatively simple.

Although they use a small amount of Electricity to run, Heat Pumps are considered highly Efficient and clean because they do not depend on the burning of fuel to create the heat at source. They perform superbly in moderate climates such as the UK and can provide heating during the winter, even at temperatures of -20 Degree Celsius the specified output of the unit can be maintained on many Heat Pumps.

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