Abacus have been involved with the Design & Installation of Solar Panels and Battery Storage since 2009 with many satisfied and financially better off customers under our belt.

Worldwide solar energy is booming as Solar Panel and Battery Storage costs come down. It’s already the cheapest source of power in 30 countries and rising – everyone seems to agree it’s energy source of the future.

The introduction of Solar Panels to your Home will reduce your homes energy cost along with its carbon footprint whilst increasing its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.

By adding a battery to your solar installation you can store the excess energy you generate instead of sending it back to the grid, so you can use solar energy to power your home both day and night. With smart energy storage, you can also store low-cost grid energy when you have a time-of-use tariff so you can power your home not only from solar energy but also the lowest-cost energy available.


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