Solar Pv And Battery Storage

Abacus has been installing solar panels and battery storage since 2009 with many satisfied and financially improved customers.

Across the whole world, solar energy is becoming significantly more important in the drive to de-carbonise our homes. Solar PV is the cheapest renewable energy source according to the IEA and this will only improve as costs decrease and energy capacity increases.

The introduction of solar panels to your home will reduce your energy costs along with its carbon footprint. It will also help your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.

By adding a battery to your Solar PV installation, you can store the excess power you generated instead of sending it back to the grid. This means you can use solar energy to power your home both day and night. With smart energy storage, you can also store low-cost grid energy when you have a time-of-use tariff so you can power your home not only from solar energy but also from the lowest-cost energy available.

Solar Panel Install